The Challenge

Develop a marketing strategy with clear channel identification that would lead to an immediate impact and lift on sales for a small business retail shop. The concept needed to focus on bringing new guests into their retail shop, while driving a strong conversion rate from online digital and social media efforts. With limited brand awareness, the goal was to utilize marketing channels to build awareness the simultaneously drove conversion to in-store traffic. 

The Highlights

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 11.33.34 PM.png

The approach


Developed a marketing strategy the focused on building out three main marketing channels with a strong message strategy geared toward driving call-to-actions that results in an increase of conversion rates for the store. The marketing strategy evaluated the message content and drew strong CTAs that would elevate the user experience and draw action from each guest. 

The integrated approach helped key in on a paid and owned channel approach for the retail shop that saw a direct impact on booked conversion rates and sales.