Launch the first-ever influencer relations program for an already established brand. As the brand reimagined its place in the digital space, having never ventured into partnerships or influencer relations, we needed to pitch partnerships with well-established bloggers, kick-off a YouTube specific campaign and activated a group of brand influencers for a new product launch. 

Each activation needed to directly drives sales for the brand and activate a captive audience with highly-engaged action.


85,000 engagements from core audience

200 million social media impressions

250,000 YouTube video view 

Blogger partnerships resulted in 100K+ media impressions, long-term ambassador program



To kick-off the program we built out a longterm strategy for brand partners and ambassadors that we could form relationships with over time. This group comprised of both bloggers and already-existent brand advocates. For campaigns and new product launches, we would connect with these influencers to host giveaways, contests and engage their core audiences through a highly-engaged brand partner. 

We then expanded the program to include social media influencers whose audience was a mix of our core demographic. We launched a YouTube campaign that activated influencers across a variety of industries to unbox, promote and spread the news about our brand through a specific timeframe and integrated campaign. The YouTube campaign was supported with activations on Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine (when that was still around) to really hit audiences across every channel. 

Finally, we support the influencer campaign with strategic public relations and paid media support, proving to get the best well-integrated campaign for the brand.