Friday Favorites: Stories We Love this Week

Thanks for dropping in! Every Friday I feature news & stories I love in the week. Mostly marketing or small business focused, I also share some things I just generally like.

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Up first, The Eight Best Marketing Podcasts

Our friends over at Forbes break down marketing podcasts that we can all use in our life. Covering social media, digital marketing, traffic and a myriad of topics each podcast is unique and engaging at the same time.

Check this out for something to listen to when you drive to get ideas of how to marketing your small business or marketing strategies to kickstart your brand!

The Future of Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that we’re in the digital age. We’re not seeing a digital transformation arising, we’re living in the midst of the digital boom. The good news? This opens so many doors for us small business owners looking for awesome ways to market our guests.

You may not be here yet as a small business owner, and that’s not problem – check out our small business marketing 101 guides to get started! If you are, these are great things to look at for building your digital marketing plan.

The Best New Adventure Books for Fall

For those of you who know me, you know I could spend all of my time outdoors adventuring. In fact, I have a side hustle with my husband that promotes a good vibes and adventure lifestyle –

And, whenever I get a free moment, I am trying to catch up reading as many books as I can. My husband just got me my first kindle for my birthday because we’re running out of room on our book shelve – love it, love him!

So when those worlds combine and Outside Online provides a link to adventure books to read for Fall, I am all in!



Have a book you’d want to add to this list? Know an article you’d think I love? Let me know, I love hearing from you all!