Four Ways Your Small Business Can Partner with Influencers (On the Cheap)

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Four Ways Your Small Business Can Partner with Influencers (On the Cheap)

For those who may be new to marketing, or new to influencer, understanding ways you can work with influencers or how to leverage influencers to help your small business grow can be difficult. You may not even be sure what an influencer is to know where to start (if that’s the case, check out my recent blog, “Just What Is Influencer Marketing,” here).

To help ease you in to the world of influencer marketing, I’m sharing a few easy ways you can start to partner with influencers – without breaking the bank!

1.     Form Relationships with Bloggers: Bloggers are a great, easy way into influencer marketing. They are always looking for great content to share and often love to work with brands within their given realm, so long as it is authentic.

The key to working with bloggers is to form a reciprocal relationship. Simply asking them to write about your most likely wont work, this is their business and reputation after all.

First thing first, read their blog and get familiar with stories they right and the type of content they share with their readers. Then, ask them to partner with you in a way that benefits THEIR readers. Can you do a product giveaway for their readers? Can you host an exclusive party or meet-up for their readers? Does the blogger write about businesses?

The most important thing here is to form a relationship with the blogger for the longhaul, working with them in a way that benefits their readers.

2. Go Micro! Influencer marketing on social media can cost a pretty penny, and those pennies wind up on audiences that are not listening. For instance, the Kardashians charge upwards of $1 Million dollars for an Instagram post. That is great for them, they’re out here hustling like we are, but not everyone has or should spend that kind of crazy cash to reach a broad audience.

When starting out in social media, it’s better to have a small niche group of micro influencers (those with less than 10K followers) who are passionate about your brand and its success than those with large audiences.

Why? Because not only are they cheaper (or often free // just request swag) but they’re more likely to be brand loyalists. You’re in this for the longhaul, partners with influencers who will be too.

3. Do a Giveaway. This one’s simple and doesn’t have to be complicated. Ask influencers to join you in a giveaway. Offer up a product, service, gift card, etc. and engage their audience through freebies.

People love free and they’ll engage with your brand and tag their friends to enter to win giveaways. Utilize influencers and partnerships to grow your reach and engagement at a relatively lowcost for entry.

4. Let Them Be your Storyteller. This one is perfect for influencers who have built a niche audience. They know they benefit of their reach and they know their audience. So let them tell your story in their voice to their fans.

The benefit? You get killer content from a great partner in a voice that is not disruptive to their original feel. Plus, people trust the influencer’s opinions and are likely to engage with them.

There are not for a shortage of influencer marketing ideas, but when starting on a budget it’s best to start small and build from there. As you delve into influencer marketing, remember to constantly evaluate what’s working, what’s not and refine your approach based on the best results for your brand.