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Thanks for dropping in! Every Friday I feature news & stories I love in the week. Mostly marketing or small business focused, I also share some things I just generally like. Well, because why not?

3 Ways for Marketers to Integrate Automation Into Marketing Strategies

Marketing Automation. This is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot and people really don’t know know what to make of it as it relates to their business.

That’s a broad generalization, some do and some are using it to their advantage. Others… well others feel it’s a daunting initiative and don’t know where to start.

Personally, I am huge of fan of automating just about any daunting task that takes time away from my small business. And I think small business owners looking for cost-effective marketing tools should definitely be looking into marketing automation.

This week, AdWeek breaks down just how marketers can integrate marketing into strategies!

Aldi says drink to Advent with a different bottle of wine every day

This is the … it’s WAY TOO EARLY to talking about Christmas story but here we are story.In a way I love it, in a way I hate it.

I remember the days of shopping with my mom at Aldi where she loaded up the cart for a growing family of seven every week. As a kid there were some things I loved, like picking out a frozen pizza or racing my sisters to be the first to put the card back and snag a quarter from the machine. Their tricky little way of making you bring the carts back…so many questions! Is this really that big of a problem? Have they upgraged to carts like Target where the wheels lock? Was this on in my neighborhood? I have to know!

What intrigues me about this story is the PR behind Aldi. Instead of waiting to be part of the mix of inevitable Christmas stories that hit the market every Thanksgiving through December 25, Aldi is skipping Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving all together to serve up wine.

Do I hate it? A little. It’s still summer and 95 out baby. Do I love it? From a PR perspective, these guys are pure gold!

What do you think?

Four Ideas To Make Your Cause Marketing More Powerful

For all my business friends who give back through their work. I am a huge fan of businesses that give back through their work – so long as it is done authentically and not for marketing. Honestly, nothing should be a PR stunt. People see right through that B.S. and I don’t blame them.

This is why I love this article from Forbes. They break down four ways to get starting building a cause into your business. Up first, they address making sure it’s aligned with your business.

Check out this quick read if you’re interested in setting up a biz that gives back.


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