Content Tips for Authentic Marketing

It used to be that you could spend millions of dollars for a 15 second commercial at the SuperBowl, reach millions and have people talking about your ads for months. As long as you were clever or witty.

Last year, when Pepsi inauthentically displayed its SuperBowl ad that pushed a millionaire Kendall Jenner out to help bridge “peace,” the world saw right through this ploy for witty banter. Instead, it saw a brand trying to push a message in a manner that was inauthentic to what has helped it build its voice for so many years.

To standout in a crowded market place, your best bet is to get honest with it. And the plus side as your market your small business? You don’t need millions to push out a SuperBowl ad that may or may not resonate.

Don’t believe me? Think about all of the craft breweries that have popped up in the last 5 years. Without the budgets of the Budweiser and Miller brands, they changed the industry and grew very profitable businesses through their love of good beer. And in a city like Denver where there are (literally) hundreds of breweries as well as the beer behemoth Coors, they continue to grow at rapidfire pace.

This is because each brewery is carving out a niche that speaks to their core audience. Like IPAs? We’ve got a brewery for that. Like sour beers? We’ve got a brewery for that. Like more of a chill vibe and just want to be outside in the sun? We’ve got a backyard brewery for that.

So how can you promote your small business through authentic marketing? Checkout these tips to help set you on your way:

  • Create your niche: Do you brew beer? Do you own an IT firm? Do you talk about marketing all day? Do you make handcrafted beach jewelry? Whatever your niche own it!

  • Be True to You: As you build your niche, don’t overstretch because something is trendy. If you brew beer show us your local community, your beer brewery skills, the perfect pour, etc. There are a lot of ways “in” do what’s true for you

  • Be Consistent: Consistency is key to building a regular audience. Whether your doing a weekly vlog on YouTube or sharing life hacks daily, your audience will come to expect when they can hear from you and they will miss you when you’re gone.

  • Get Personal: Social media is all about being social and sharing. It’s ok to personalize content within your industry and to build your voice. You do you!

  • Show ‘em that you care: As you build an audience, it’s important to remember that these are people just like you and I. They are looking to you for your area of expertise and you’ll want to be kind and appreciate that your audience is the reason you exist.

For proof that being authentic works, check out these few brands (entrepreneurs & businesses) that are killing it in very different ways by being true to themselves: