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Why Videos Are the Next Lucrative Step in Your Marketing Strategy

If you're interested in taking your marketing tactics in a new direction, video marketing may an opportunity to shake up your efforts. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel has carved out his own niche in this area with his own successful videos. Here, he shares some of video marketing's most well-known formats.

Loyalty is more than marketing, it’s a mindset

Loyalty is the long haul. Loyalty is what helped brands survive the last decade; it’s what prevented some brands from having to beg customers to buy with 40-, 50- and 60-percent-off promotions. Want to raise prices? Cultivate loyalty. Want more active customers? Foster loyalty. Want a more consistent customer foundation? Build loyalty.

Free Marketing Tools Every Small Business Marketer Should Try

Got big plans for your small business, but only a tiny marketing budget? You’re not alone. But maybe that isn’t such a big problem. With these small business marketing tools, you could practically promote your business for free. So take a look at the list. Maybe you can save some money.


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