HACKETT IN THE NEWS: 25 Creative Grassroots Marketing Ideas & Examples

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Hi guys! I'm super stoked to share this incredible small business article from FitSmallBusiness.com that highlights Hackett Brand Consulting & how you can use seasonal/timely opportunities as marketing opportunities for your small business. 

Check out the story (link below) for creative, grassroots ideas for marketing your business!

25 Creative Grassroots Marketing Ideas & Examples

12. Seek Out Timely or Seasonal Opportunities

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Seasonal opportunities present a great opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on consumer habits. These ideas resonate in the consumer’s minds because they have a timely reason (or hook) to remember it and, therefore, can plan their behavior around it. If it’s the first day of summer or holiday shopping season or Valentine’s Day, you can use these as excuses to build promotions for consumers tied to these days and events. You can offer a buy one, get one coupon for a Valentine’s Day date, celebrate National Ice Cream Day or National Flip Flop Day with a special offer or treat or even create your own Fan Appreciation Day.

Your ideas don’t have to be over-the-top and grandiose. It can be as simple as offering a cold water bottle to consumers on a hot day or being present at a local Fourth of July parade. However, it is important to be relevant through timeliness.

Read all the marketing tips here: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/grassroots-marketing/