We use a lot of tools here at Hackett Brand Consulting to help us with our marketing.

We also spend a lot of time vetting out different tools that work well to help small business branding and building go-to market idea for small businesses we work with. In fact, a lot of the tools we use we recommend to our partners to help them find out just what works when marketing their small business.

And when it comes to spending money, we love cost-effective marketing tools that get our clients results without overspending.

Last week we shared free tools for social media marketing, and this week we’re breaking down top search engine optimization tools for your small business marketing.

So, without further ado here’s a round-up of the tools we love for SEO:

  1. Google Keyword Planner:Whether you’re looking to dominate local advertising with “near me” ad words or just dipping your toes in to planning a new blog, Google’s Keyword Planner is instrumental in helping you marketing your small business with the right copy. It’s as easy as signing in and testing out phrases and websites. Google pulls words that your customers are searching and does the hard work for you.

  2. For those of your who are new to website building or utilizing a third-party app like Wix or Squarespace to neatly display youre site, check this one out. You can put in your website, and the SEO Optimizer grades your site on how well it performs on basic SEO checkmarks. Even better, it gives you insight into what to improve & prioritize.

  3. From a business marketing perspective, this one takes the cake. One of the best cost-effective marketing tools I’ve come across (it’s free after all), SEMRush lets you dig into what’s driving traffic to different sites – including that of your competitors.