Friday Favorites: Things We Love This Week


Every Friday, we’re bringing you our favorite digital marketing, public relations, small business marketing, influencer marketing and more news of the week. We feature our favorite blogs from brand consultants, small business marketing coaches, marketing agencies & advertising firms, as well as thought leadership from top new sources.

Check out our Top 3 Friday Favorites to help your small business grow.

How to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

What I love about this article is the authenticity built behind each advice. From taking your communication to the next level to being an authentic version of yourself, every business can pull our marketing support here.

Marketing to Dads Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Read These 5 Recommendations

It’s Father Day Weekend, so let’s give a quick shout-out to all the awesome dads out there. Keep up the dad jokes and being rad dads! This article is a quick read and gives great advice on how you can marketing to dads this Father’s Day. What I love most, it doesn’t do the typical Father’s Day play of grills and beers and razors. Instead, it helps break down the unspeakable and breaks down the importance of disconnect in media portrayals and changing dad roles. Check it out!

Questions To Ask Your Influencer Marketing Partner (Before You Sign)

I am a huge fan of Influencer marketing… when it’s done right. Every Small Business Owner looking for a little influencer marketing support should take a read through this article and check out how you can make sure you’re choosing the right partner for your influencer campaign.